Organic Vegan Chocolate Packaging

THB8 is a local Los Angeles brand of high-end vegan chocolate produced in limited quantities. This is a passion project for the company’s founder and they asked me to create something unique that would reflect the quality of the product and stand out on the shelf. The chocolate is made by hand from high-quality ingredients, each chocolate bar is unique. The owner takes pride in using only vegan and sustainably sourced ingredients for the production.



  • Logotype Design
  • Packaging Design
  • Packaging Measurments and Prototyping

Colors & Textures

I decided to use fluid organic natural textures that resemble flowing liquid chocolate and never repeat themselves. They also look like a treasure which this high-end chocolate pretty much is. The color palette of the series marks the different tastes —raspberry and almonds, sea salt and caramel, mint and fruit, and pine nuts and pecans.


For this project, I licensed a beautiful high-contrast Fika VP font that has an elegant look along with the softness of the lines. It fits very well for a food product and supports the rounded lines of the design.


The abbreviation THB8 has a special meaning to the brand owner and they asked me to reflect the infinity symbol in the logo. I went further with this idea and used an interconnected knot shape that has an 8 included in it. The lines of the logo mark resemble mixing the ingredients and the overall style of the logo gives a feel of respect for chocolate-making traditions. It reminds us that the first chocolate was made over 4,000 years ago in South America where it was used as a medicine and as a ritual drink during ceremonies.