Facebook City Guide

For this project, I created the design and layout, working closely with the copywriters, editors, and the client’s marketing team. The guide is based on advice from local communities and consists of 12 themed chapters devoted to different ways of exploring St Pete.  All the information in the guide is provided by Facebook groups passionate about showing the city to the tourists from a different angle. I chose the illustration style that resembles travel sketchbooks, brings fun and inspiring vibe to the publication, and celebrates the Facebook blue.

PBN Hill+Knowlton Strategies

My role on the project

I was a creative director and designer for this project, which included creating the visual style, making sure everything was aligned with the brand guidelines, curating photography and illustrations, as well as working on the structure and content to ensure style consistency. I also designed materials for the online campaign to promote the guide and the launching event.

About the Facebook Communities

Today more than 1.4 billion people use Facebook groups every month. It is these groups that are an essential source of information about life in the city when you want to visit interesting places or experience something new. It is members of such local communities that share recommendations that it would be hard to find from travel agencies.

This guide is for those who have come to St Petersburg but have already visited the Hermitage and Winter Palace and are looking for other atmospheric and cultural sights to explore.