The most badass rollerblading event in LA

The Night Skate Los Angeles is an iconic weekly rollerblading event that has been on for over 12 years. Thanks to this event I fell in love with the badass skaters that participate, DTLA, skating the night city, and the unique vibe brought by the best skate leader ever Jenni X.

The visual identity reflects the vibe of the skate along with the trashy craziness of Skidrokyo (Skid Row x Little Tokyo) where skaters meet. I used scribbles from the walls, lettering style referring to street art, phrases that I hear on the skate a lot, and neon colors of luminous wheels and the glowing 24/7 store signs. The identity shows different types of rollerblades represented at the skate – inline, big-wheel, and aggressive.


Neon Mint


Neon Magenta


100% Red