Dark Mariposa Brand Identity

Rebellios Self Expression

Dark Mariposa is a female-owned brand that sees its purpose in liberating confidence, passion, and sensuality and expressing it through stylish handmade accessories. All their handmade products are made from 100% cruelty-free eco-leather.

The goal was to create a visual identity with a sense of empowerment and erotism yet elegant and aimed to present the product to a wider clientele. Body harnesses and garter belts are no longer confined to being used to only inspire sexual fantasies. It’s a symbol that represents rebellious nature, confidence, and the freedom of being yourself.


Visual Identity including logotype design, graphic design, key visuals and product packaging

Creative Team

Marina Swann — Art Direction, Design
Anna Tsymbal — Lettering

Social Media

As part of the project, I developed a style for social media presenсe including a monogram version of the logo, typography, layouts, and general photography styling.