Industrial Engineering Company

  • Event Logo
  • Key Visuals
  • Stage design
  • Space Branding
  • Invitation
  • Handout Materials

Industrial Engineering drives innovations

This was the main insight that the client gave me while developing the visual identity for this event. This industry uses AR and VR technologies, AI, drones, complex 3D models, and a lot of other digital technologies. The goal of the event was to share knowledge and get insights from the best players in the industry, as well as re-establish the company’s leading position on the market.

For the visual identity, I chose fluid morphing 3D shapes resembling digital landscapes and data clouds. I used geometric details in the logo to create a contrast between a precisely structured logotype and transforming digital backgrounds.

Color Palette

Accents and Shapes


Background Gradient


Background and Text



Neue Machina

Proxima Nova

Digital Invitations and Tickets

I created the UI for digital invitations that were sent out to the participants. They could RVSP, change their contact details, see the event schedule, location, and updates using just their smartphones.